Ever-changing summers!!!

Hey guys…

So by now you’re probably working out that as you get older and further into your education your summers are changing…

In school

  • How much stupid can I do in 6 weeks – Amazing stories to make me cool!!!
  • Plotting against teachers for making you work throughout the year (with threats of a phone call home of course)
  • How worried can I get parents and grandparents with the tricks I do on the trampoline and in the paddling pool
  • How many neighbours can I p***off with knock-a-door run???

In college / Sixth form

  • What career do I want???
  • UCAS, what’s that all about!!!


Lets face it, the summer holidays leading to university and throughout university are pretty similar…

You’ve made it through your (what feels like) 100th  exam without seriously injuring someone or damaging your sleep too much… but just when you think the stress is going to magically disappear it hits you… Hard… its time to worry about the results…

  • Did I write enough?
  • Did I revise enough?
  • Did I use my calculator correctly?
  • Did I use blue ink instead of black?
  • Which HB pencil did I use?

This is round about when you start to doubt yourself the most, since y’know, its just gonna potentially affect your WHOLE LIFE!!! Luckily enough when at university you don’t have too long between finishing your exams and getting your results… But it’s long enough to really really really annoy your parents with you whining that you haven’t done enough or you’ve done something wrong…

(Fast forward a little)

Your results are in… Let’s face it you’re gonna be looking at your screen through a tiny crack between your fingers covering your face, because of course you know that you failed!!!

However, as you begin to focus on the words on your screen, you realise maybe, just maybe your parents were right… AGAIN…

Should have listened to the parents

So as the news sinks in over the next few weeks, feeling the stress levels fall its time to start thinking about spending your parents money on the never ending list of things “needed” for university and not forgetting the most important part…

Freshers week!!! Because lets face it, its the only week you have no responsibility and no-one judging your antics… You hope!!!

So, all that’s left to say really is…

Good Luck on your A-level results and well done to those who made it into their next year of university!!!

No Matter What!!!


Chloe … x