Freshers Week!!!

So, after the nerve racking journey to your new home at Aston University, the stress of unloading the car, unpacking your boxes and finally being able to convince your parents you’re alright and they can leave, its time to get ready for the “best week” of University… FRESHERS WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK

After a few days of freshers week you’re going to realise several things…

  • This is the week that you’re going to learn how to really be independent, more so than the rest of the year, why?!?

Well lets face the facts, if you’re able to sort food and drink out with a killer hangover – even if it is just a  takeaway – then you’re more than alright to organise it on a day-to-day basis. However probably best you don’t boast this to your parents, they aren’t always understanding of this achievement.

  • Networking is soooo much easier

When it comes to freshers week, you’re going to be playing games during pre-drinks where you can really see personalities coming to light. Letting you get to know someone through indirect contact and giving you the chance to find common ground to help start up some kind of relationship with them. This particularly helps if you haven’t really found others doing the same or similar course as yourself.

It’s all about letting your hair down!!!
  • No matter what your personality you’re going to be talked into freshers events

Even if you’re not much of a drinker, it doesn’t mean you can’t join in with the freshers events including pre-drinks. This applies to if you’re a shy / nervous person, don’t worry about not fitting in, the week is all about being able to have fun and settle before starting your lectures.

  • Knowing where to get fancy dress is important

During your first week you’re going to realise how “normal” it is to actually do fancy dress for certain events.  This means that during Freshers when you finally decide that maybe you should do fancy dress you’re going to be running around Birmingham finding the best places for fancy dress, so that you are prepared for next time rather than being the odd one out…
*The Rag Market is the place to go… you can get ready made fancy dress or buy your fabric to make it*

  •  You’re going to become a professional at most if not all drinking games… Ring of fire in particular

Each day for your pre-drinks you’re going to spend an hour or so playing drinking games. Typically by the end of the week you’re going to know what every card means within the rules of Ring of Fire by heart, to the point where you will probably start adapting some of the rules to make it a hell of a lot more interesting.


So for now guys remember… Just be yourself, don’t worry about what others think and have fun… Freshers is the week where you don’t have to worry about early lectures!!!

Keep Calm

Chloe … x