Over packing worries!!!

So, since its only a couple of weeks until the big move to University you’re probably sat staring at a pile of boxes, suitcases and bags taking up a substantial amount of space in your room wondering if its going to fit into your uni room let alone your car!!!

Still got more to pack!!!

So this would be a great time to tell you – DON’T WORRY – pretty much every student moving away from home are in the same position. I was exactly the same when I first went to uni, I decided to take everything I could possibly pack from my room regardless of whether I used it or not because lets face it “its better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it”… right? This meant that I had to have a train journey with my sister and meet my parents and things down in Birmingham.

I can honestly say, it does not get much better over the years. I am currently in the process of packing for my 3rd move to Birmingham and even though I have already taken some boxes down to my new flat I still have quite a bit to take with me – hopefully there’s a bit of room for me in the car – I even left some of the “in-case” items out of my things to take this year!!!

Enough space for 10 pairs of shoes!!! and more!!!

However along with many other students in the same position, I found that the accommodation on campus at Aston University provided me with plenty of storage space. If you have not had a campus / accommodation tour, then here’s a quick summary of your storage:

  • Wardrobe space
  • Under bed storage
  • Cupboard in your en suite
  • Plenty of cupboards in the kitchen for everyone
  • Storage above your desk.



All that’s left to say tonight is…

Keep Calm


Chloe … X