Random Dance Parties!!!

So, it is 03:00 on a Saturday morning.

Unfortunately for me I am not up at this stupid hour doing this because I have been out celebrating the weekend after what has felt like the longest week of lectures. Instead I am currently up as I am a second year needing to “market myself” to some pretty important professionals… Yay for placement years.

But that’s for another time I guess…

This morning I guess I just wanted to share a little something that might help you through these all-nighters that you are probably going to become familiar with… So throughout my first year at university myself and a flatmate loved to have a “Random Dance Party” – I use the term dance loosely – at random times during the night… If you’re a fan of Grey’s Anatomy then you know what im talking about!

So why not put your favourite / guilty pleasure music on and just let yourself go and refresh quickly. I personally enjoy a bit of the 90’s… Spice Girls – Wannabe… Smash Mouth – All Star… Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit… You get the jist … So here’s a quick demonstration…

Even if you’re on your own – like myself – you have no excuses to not give it a go…

If you are studying with someone don’t be shy and show them moves that you’ve been saving for a time like this!!!

Keep Calm

Chloe… x