That time of the year again!

So, it’s the beginning of December which means – for those who have not yet begun – it’s time for the festivities to begin…

Frankfurt Christmas Market
Its time to take that stroll after avoiding it for so long. Deadlines are almost over so there’s now free time to battle the crowd WOOOH

German Market

Making The Flat Look Homely
Yes, it’s time to get your parents to cart all your Christmas decorations to uni, including the 6ft Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree

Mince Pies
The only time Mince Pies are “acceptable” so lets over indulge, make sure we have enough to get through another year without them
Mince Pies

Because… Well… We are uni students, it’s Christmas and we need something to wash all the Mince Pies down with

Fancy Dress
Let’s face the facts, there are going to be a lot of Santa’s and Angels over the next few weeks.
So will you be the one to go out dressed as a turkey? Be different?
Turkey Fancy Dress

Just remember guys, especially those new to the City and haven’t witnessed German Market Madness, it gets super busy this time of the year. Especially for Christmas nights out, people travel from around the country to celebrate in Birmingham

Enjoy your festivities guys and say safe

Keep Calm

Chloe … x