The Experience of Your Life!

So guys, its been a little while… Coursework deadlines, exams, placement sorting and trying to get time in with the family before heading away for my placement year, so here is my update…

They say that going to university is the start of your life… It truly is.

Thanks to Aston University with their connections and my amazing parents I’ve had the chance to go abroad for my placement year. Now when I say abroad, I don’t mean across a couple of borders but….. 10,000 miles away. Yup im spending the year in the Sunshine State…. Queensland, Australia!!!

Whilst most go for industrial placements I opted for a study placement at Queensland University of Technology as it was the best option for me to get over to Australia and well, I felt that I could thrive further from another prospective to the theoretical aspects of business. No Regrets. In fact, its potentially the biggest and best decision that I have made.

Although I am yet to have a Summer break – I started in July Australia’s Winter… actually feels like summer at 20⁰ – it’s been oddly relaxing.  The atmosphere her is unbelievably laid back and the opportunities to get out there and explore are endless. Me, im exploring the more daring activities so far…

Rock Climbing —— Check

Rock Climbin 15-07-2015 (14)
Kangaroo Point Cliffs, across from QUT Gardens Point Campus

Skydiving —— Check

Skydiving (1)
Byron Bay Skydiving, New South Wales

Bungee Jumping —— In Progress

[Insert Image Here… Soon]

The scenery here is just amazing too and its weird how you can go from being a couch potato and only going out to lectures, pubs and work to wanting to get out exploring for hours on end… Even when you’re dying from the heat. Having said this, its weird how you can get motivated to do coursework too; nice non British weather and scenery to take you away for your 5 minute breaks!!

View from QUT Gardens Point Campus
View from QUT Gardens Point Campus

So I guess what im trying to say is that, when you’re applying for, about to start or progressing with university seriously consider the prospect of doing a placement year… Whether you stay in England, Europe or explore the world… Do a study or industrial placement… It is all worth it and the world honestly becomes your oyster!

Aston, well what can I say. Without them I probably wouldn’t have realised my potential in travelling to Australia; opportunities to apply for placements over here and meeting people from here in my Freshers year of whom have been a huuuuuge help in moving across the world!!!

So I think that I have said enough for my first, welcome back post aha. I hope to be hearing / seeing about your choice to carry out a placement year… No matter where in the world you are. So for now…

Stay safe, explore your options, relax, have fun and… Keep Calm

 Chloe … x