Where’d the time go?

So guys, we’re well into the second term of the academic year, week 6 ALREADY!!!

One of the biggest problems with this term is the feeling of letting yourself down after the declaration of “New Term, New Me”, yes, its a thing. Forget the “New Year, New Me”. We all know that you made a promise to yourself that you would come home at the end of the day and re-watch the lectures, writing up your notes into something a little more revision friendly.

But lets face it, that didn’t happen… Well it might have for the first couple of weeks.

For all you first years, you probably don’t have much of an excuse for this to go down the drain! Before you ask, having a week or two “we got through our first term celebration” doesn’t count as an excuse, no matter how convincing you may sound.

In your second year you will see why this isn’t an excuse, because, in second year it generally goes down the drain because of placement search and applications.

So how can we overcome this, well I think the best way would be to make a “serious” study plan, get it down in writing. Yes, this can actually work, particularly if you have “reward” nights. The way I see it is that the more work I do, the less guilt I feel for having a weekend of nothing. Well not nothing, going out for a few with your flatmates.

So I found some top tips to creating a study plan:

  • Place the calendar or printed schedule in a visible location so that it is easy to see and follow.
  • When writing dates on a physical calendar, use a pencil so that it is easy to make changes if needed.
    (This doesn’t mean that you can rub it out and totally forget about it!!!)
  • Don’t create a schedule that is overly rigid or that isn’t flexible enough to accommodate emergencies or conflicts that may arise.
  • Schedules should be created so that the study times are consistent each day, which will help create positive study habits.
  • Don’t forsake well-balanced meals for study time. Poor eating habits can lead to fatigue, an inability to concentrate, and consequently less effective study time.
  • Schedule study time in a location that has minimal distractions or interruptions.
  • Study one course at a time for no more than two hours.
  • Color coded schedules are often easier to see and follow.


If you are serious about the whole “New Term, New Me” following this simple study plan can help, just remember, you are allowed to have some You Time! There’s no point in over working yourself.

Have fun guys and good luck to all those second years out there with your placement searches..

Keep Calm

Chloe … x